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Multiple Sclerosis Society of CanadaSociété canadienne de la sclérose en plaques
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Facts about the carnation

Facts about the MS Carnation Campaign

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The Carnation: Symbol for a Cure

Carnation in an office

The carnation. It's Canada's oldest and most recognized symbol of hope in the quest to end multiple sclerosis.

Many Canadians living with multiple sclerosis are mothers. Others, either children or adults, have mothers affected by this disease because women are diagnosed with MS three times as often as men. That's why every year the MS Carnation Campaign takes place over Mother's Day weekend

From May 8 – 10, 2014, thousands of volunteers in more than 280 communities across Canada will be showing their dedication to finding a cure by selling carnations on street corners, malls and other public spaces.

Help raise awareness about multiple sclerosis by purchasing a carnation and together we will end MS.

To learn more about MS research, please click here.

To learn more about the support and services the MS Society can help provide, please click here.

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