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Multiple Sclerosis Society of CanadaSociété canadienne de la sclérose en plaques
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Government Relations and Advocacy

Photo: MS Society volunteers and staff with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and MP Peter Braid raising awareness for MS during the 1 Day in May Campaign
MS Society volunteers and staff with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and MP Peter Braid raising awareness for MS during the 1 Day in May Campaign

Until we end MS, people affected by the disease face many challenges. The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada works to ensure people with MS and their families have the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of life. 

Across the country, the MS Society endeavours to change government policies, private industry practices and public attitudes in ways that will benefit people affected by MS. 

Join our current campaign ACTIONonMS.ca to support secure jobs and income for people affected by MS »

Have you already sent a message to your Member of Parliament? If yes � join our follow-on campaign to keep the pressure on for job income and security.

Visit mslistening.ca for our Call to Action on MS report calling on all governments to take action to:

  1. Support secure jobs and income for people affected by MS
  2. Care for the caregiver
  3. Coordinate quality lifelong care and support for people with MS
  4. Accelerate progressive MS research

Individual advocacy means working to assist yourself or another person to help obtain needed services and to maximize quality of life. For more information see Advocating for Yourself.

Survey on the Impact of MS Disease-Modifying Therapies

In late February, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada will provide input on behalf of people with MS in regards to a review of the current and emerging disease-modifying therapies (DMT's) for MS taking place by the national agency that makes recommendations to provincial and territorial drug program decision makers.

The national agency - Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) is currently undertaking a systematic review to compare the efficacy and safety of DMT's for patients with relapsing-remitting MS and will examine their cost-effectiveness.

The review will include DMT's that are currently available in Canada (Avonex, Betaseron, Copaxone, Extavia, Gilenya, Rebif, and Tysabri) and newly emerging DMT's not yet approved in Canada (teriflunomide, dimethyl fumarate (BG-12), and alemtuzumab).

To ensure the views of Canadians affected by MS are truly represented, we are asking people with MS as well as caregivers to complete the following survey. Your answers will be incorporated into the submission to the national agency - CADTH.

Please complete the survey by Friday, March 1.

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