Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

Funded Research

A multi-site randomized controlled trial of MS INFoRM: An interactive fatigue management resource for persons with MS

Year Awarded: 2016

Term: 3 years

Funding Amount: $268,790

Affiliation(s): Queen’s University

Province(s): Ontario

Researcher(s): Dr. Marcia Finlayson

Hot Topics: Wellness Solutions

Research Priorities: Life-modifying therapies

Impact Goal(s): Advance Treatment and Care


  • Fatigue impacts nearly two-thirds of people that have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).
  • There are limited resources available to help people manage fatigue in MS.
  • The research team will:
    • Perform a randomized control trial to determine if a self-directed resource, which allows people with MS to take a personalized and active approach to learning about and managing their fatigue, improves fatigue.

Project Description:

Nearly two-thirds of people with MS experience fatigue, which can negatively impact employment, quality of life, and ability to engage in a full range of daily activities. To target this symptom, Dr. Marcia Finlayson’s group developed MS INFoRM (Multiple Sclerosis: An Interactive Fatigue Management Resource), a self-directed resource that allows people with MS to take a personalized and active approach to learning about and managing their fatigue. The contents of MS INFoRm address the sources of fatigue, ways of monitoring fatigue, and strategies to reduce fatigue. Using a randomized controlled trial design, her study will recruit 200 participants from three sites across Canada to determine whether MS INFoRM contributes to reducing fatigue. They will also look at whether it improves other important outcomes like cognition, feelings of self-worth, depression, participation and independence. In the past year, the research team began screening and recruiting participants for the study. If this study shows that MS INFoRm is effective, it could lead to major improvements in access to fatigue management in Canada and beyond. While this resource will not cure MS or MS fatigue, it is important to have easily accessible options for fatigue management that people with MS can use whenever and wherever they need it.

Potential Impact: Improve access to fatigue management resources in Canada and beyond.

Project Status: In Progress

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