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Research in Progressive MS

Project Title
Research Area
Funding Term

Immune cell influences on neuronal viability and repair Dr. Alyson Fournier Mechanisms of Disease - Mechanisms of Progression Montreal Neurological Institute 2016-2019 $370 512.06
Establising an Imaging Biomarker for Disease Progression in Multiple Sclerosis Dr. Shannon Kolind Therapy and Clinical Tool Development University of British Columbia 2017-2020 $292 500
Impact of MicroRNA-223 on Immune and Glial Cells in Multiple Sclerosis Dr. Craig Moore Mechanisms of Disease - Repair Memorial University 2016-2019 $344 104
Inflammasome activation in the central nervous system: determinants and outcomes in progressive MS Dr. Christopher Power Mechanisms of Disease - Nerve Damage & Triggers of MS University of Alberta 2018-2021 $311 328
Characterizing the neuroprotective roles of bHLH proteins Npas4 and ARNT2 in inflammatory neurodegeneration related to multiple sclerosis Dr. Jacqueline Quandt Mechanisms of Disease - Mechanisms of Progression University of British Columbia 2018-2021 $346 400
Investigating a novel inhibitory signaling mechanism that represses T cell-driven CNS autoimmunity Dr. Manu Rangachari Mechanisms of Disease - Repair Université Laval 2017-2020 $299 259
Targeting Oligodendrocyte Maturation for the Study of Axonal Survival Dr. Wolfram Tetzlaff Mechanisms of Disease - Repair The University of British Columbia 2016-2019 $341 411
Elevated axonal and myelin injury with aging: Mechanisms, prevention and prospective therapeutics for progressive multiple sclerosis Dr. Wee Yong Mechanisms of Disease - Mechanisms of Progression University of Calgary 2018-2021 $420 140
Mechanisms and parameters of exercise-induced remyelination in mice Dr. Wee Yong Mechanisms of Disease - Repair University of Calgary 2016-2019 $412 636
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