Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

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Project Title
Research Area
Funding Term
Impact of MicroRNA-223 on Immune and Glial Cells in Multiple Sclerosis Dr. Craig Moore Mechanisms of Disease - Repair Memorial University 2016-2019 $344 104
Gait parameters as predictors of functional recovery in a mouse model of MS Dr. George Robertson Therapy and Clinical Tool Development Dalhousie University 2017-2020 $300 185
Characterizing the anti-inflammatory and disease-modifying potential of novel a7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor silent agonist Dr. Alain Simard Mechanisms of Disease - Repair Université de Moncton 2017-2020 $355 821


Project Title
Research Area
Project Description

Investigating exosomal microRNAs as functionally relevant disease biomarkers in MS Stephanie Blandford Memorial University of Newfoundland Studentship PhD Mechanisms of Disease - Nerve Damage & Triggers of MS The project looks to identify mechanisms of cellular communication between the immune and nervous systems that causes central nervous system damage and are also useful as biomarkers to diagnose MS and differentiate between different MS subtypes.
Exploring the Clinical and Functional Significance of Altered MiR-223 Expression in Multiple Sclerosis and its Animal Models Dylan Galloway Memorial University of Newfoundland Studentship PhD Mechanisms of Disease - Repair The aims of the research project are to identify the role that a small molecule plays in demyelination and brain repair. This research will give insight into MS pathology, and may have benefit as a MS biomarker or therapeutic agent
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