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Say hello to Bruce Grey Chapter

Cambridge, Ontario

1145 Concession Rd., Suite S233
Cambridge, Ontario
N2H 4L5

If you have questions about living with MS please call our Knowledge Network at 1-844-859-6789 or by email msnavigators@mssociety.ca.

Walkerton support group information: Carol Wallace at cwallace@wightman.ca

For information about our Quality of Life grants, please contact Kate Foster 1.800.268.7582 ex 3129 or visit https://mssociety.ca/support-services/programs-and...

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You can find the local chapter Facebook page here.

Staff Contacts:

  • Laura Downing, Programs and Services Manager, 1-800-268-7582 ex 3226, laura.downing@mssociety.ca
  • Penny Burton, Regional Director, 519-221-0846, penny.burton@mssociety.ca


To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please click here.

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