Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

Staff & Board Members

Ottawa Chapter, Ottawa

Board Members

Chairperson - Rahil Dattu
Past Chair - Tom Vice
Secretary - Ken Mylrea
Treasurer - Camille Ringrose
Director or Community Services - Chris Hughes
Director of Community Development - Neal Kushwaha
Director of Volunteer Resources - Steve Tomosk
Director of Research - Pasan Fernando
Director - Loren Crawford
Regional Director of Eastern Ontario - Laurel MacKenzie
Medical Advisor - Dr. Mark Freedman

Staff Members

Laurel Mackenzie
Regional Director of Eastern Ontario
ext. 3321

Robyn Howell
Manager - Programs and Services
ext. 3324

Leanne Anderson
Director of Community Development
ext. 3326

Stephanie Desjardins
Coordinator of Fundraising Events
ext. 3327

Michelle Davis
Fundraising Administrator
ext. 3323

Sinead Shortt
Fundraising and Community Outreach Coordinator, Eastern Ontario
ext. 3329

Dragica Stamenkovic
Financial Administrator
ext. 3322