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Section Montréal, Montréal

Council Members

Board Members 2018

Kristen Robillard, Chair
Sylvie Francoeur, Vice-President
Sev Pallotta,
Treasurer / Secretary
Line Bouliane, Director
Lise Couturier
, Director
Katia Prévost,
Louise Chartier
, Director

Staff Members

Marie-Claude Dufour, Director, Programs, Services and Government Relations

Although I’m new in my position at the Quebec Division, I worked for several years at the Federation of Quebec Alzheimer Societies and Parkinson Québec. Thus, I acquired an understanding of the difficulties experienced by people living with a degenerative neurological disease. My team is responsible for various programs set up to improve the quality of life for people with multiple sclerosis, particularly by means of information, support and activities. In addition, we are involved in developing government relations strategies with the aim of raising the Society’s profile.

As director of the Montreal Chapter, I’m working with the services coordinator to ensure the provision of services with a humanistic approach that strives to enhance multiple sclerosis patients’ power to act. For that purpose, we invite you to attend the Chapter’s annual general meeting so you can give us your suggestions and help us to better meet your needs. I look forward to meeting you there!

Patricia Rizan, Services coordinator


If you don't know me already, my name is Patricia Rizan, and I am a member of the Montreal Chapter's services team. Since 2003, I have been organizing social and recreational activities for those who are interested in cultivating relations with other people who are also living with MS. Make no mistake about it: It is not the disease that is at the heart of these activities, but rather the people. There is the invaluable team of volunteers, some of whom have come from outside our Society, and others who began by being participants before offering their assistance as volunteers. Always smiling, each one makes his or her own contribution and adds his or her own personal touch to the group. As a participant, you can come to the weekly Lunch Togetherbecause you like to socialize, have fun and exchange ideas. You can be yourself and always count on a warm welcome there. It is enjoyable, isn't it? I also look after the choir workshop as well as the English self-help group in N.D.G. When I am at the office, you can phone me if you need any information related to MS or if you are looking for certain resources. And if you want to come to the activities but are shy or are worried about certain technical details, well, I also look after shy people and technical details so I look forward to receiving your call.

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