Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

MS Symptom Management Kingston

  • Education & Information

Saturday, June 23

1 pm to 4:30 pm

Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, Press Room

53 Yonge Street, Kingston ON K7M 6G4

MS Symptom Management

Join us for an afternoon for presentations from a neurologist and medical doctor:

1:00 pm Dr. Baharnoori will talk about MS symptoms management. She will review several symptoms such as spasms, muscle stiffness, bowel and bladder dysfunction, fatigue, cognitive slowing and their management in relapsing remitting or progressive stages of the disease.

Dr. Baharnoori is an Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine and Division of Neurology, Queen’s University and a neurologist at the MS Clinic. She completed her medical training in Tehran University of Medical Sciences. She moved to Canada shortly after graduation and obtained a Masters Degree in Neuroscience from University of Montreal and a PhD degree in Neuroimmunology at McGill University. She then completed her neurology residency in University of Toronto followed by two years fellowship in multiple sclerosis in Brigham and Women’s Hospital while at Harvard Medical School.

3:00 pm Dr. Collins will speak to medical research related to medical cannabis and will discuss its relevance to multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Collins studied medicine in Pretoria, South Africa. Completed MFGP - family medicine. In 1988 she had a locum in England then worked in family medicine till 1998 when she emigrated to Canada with her family. She spent 5 years in Manitoba, then moved to Vancouver Island. From there she worked in Moose Factory, Ontario and Campbellford, Ontario. Over this period she completed the FCFP - diploma in pain medicine, certificate in care of the elder, certificate in palliative medicine. She has done hospital medicine, family medicine, nursing home care and palliative management until she left family practice end of 2016. Dr. Collins began to work full time for Canadian Cannabis Clinics in January 2017.