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Exploring Nutrition in MS

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Patients seeking complementary and alternative treatment approaches for Multiple Sclerosis are becoming increasingly more common. Naturopathic Doctors are trained as primary healthcare providers, with a focus on finding the root cause of disease and prevention.

At this workshop you will learn about the most common Naturopathic treatment approaches for Multiple sclerosis, with emphasis on nutrition. The implications of how what you eat can affect your neurological system is continually evolving in the research.

There will be discussion on some of the latest research in nutrition and MS, including probiotics, biotin and glutathione. You will learn about a variety of dietary protocols including the Wahl’s, Autoimmune Paleo, Swank and Ketogenic diets and how optimizing your diet can support your neurological system. There will also be an opportunity to have your questions answered.

Dr. Pamela Hutchison and Dr. Stephanie Bayliss are local Naturopathic Doctors practicing in Victoria at Acacia Health. Both of their practices focus on neurological conditions and mental health. More information about them can be found on their clinic website at

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