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MS Can Be young adult summit

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This is event is built around building community, connecting with other young adults affected by MS, empowerment in the areas of employment, finance, and healthcare, and shared wellness opportunities. We hope participants will be present, communicate, share, and find support. We encourage you to set aside some dedicated time for the event!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost?

MS Can Be is free for anyone ages 18-40 affected by MS to attend. Please share with anyone who may be interested!

Will there be information about COVID-19 and MS or other topics important to younger people like parenting, education, etc.?

Please refer to our schedule with descriptions of the sessions here . If a topic you are interested in is not part of the schedule, note that the virtual networking options allow participants to start chats on a variety of different topics that are relevant to the community. This conference is not centered around COVID-19 topics but will likely be a topic of discussion as it has dominated our lives for months. If you do have specific questions about COVID-19 and MS or any other topic, you can also call our MS Navigators. They are available Monday to Friday to anyone in Canada from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET at 1-844-859-6789, by email at or through Live Chat on our website.

Is the conference available in French and English?

Yes, MS Can Be is available in both languages. You can toggle this event website and registration into the language of your choice. You will be able to toggle the virtual event platform into French or English and all content will be delivered by English, French, and bilingual speakers. Captions and subtitles will be available throughout the event.

How accessible is the virtual event platform?

The virtual event platform has many accessibility features in order to customize your experience. Both English and French captions will be available throughout the event. If you have an accessibility question, please contact

Can I participate anonymously?

This event is built around engaging with other young adults affected by MS. The virtual platform allows you to create a robust profile to meet and connect with others. However, if you prefer to maintain your anonymity, please do not use your real name or information in your profile. One option is to use your initials. You can change information in your account tab on the virtual platform. You will be given access to the platform close to the event start date.

I need support completing the registration process.

If you need support completing the registration process or would like to register over the phone, please contact the MS Knowledge Network at 1-844-859-6789 and speak to an MS Navigator.

How is this event different from other conferences?

Don’t worry, this isn’t just one more ‘virtual’ event in a year of virtual events. This is a highly customizable, accessible, fully bilingual event connecting young people across the country who are impacted by MS. This event is focused on building community, connecting with other young adults, expanding your knowledge and empowering you in areas that impact your life: employment, finance, healthcare, and shared wellness opportunities. It will be an open, social, and inspirational environment for you to connect with people who understand the challenges and successes that impact young adults who are affected by MS. The virtual format allows participants– who may have packed schedules as parents, students, employees, cat or dog parents or involved community members - to meaningfully connect with other participants from coast to coast to coast without leaving their trusty WiFi.

Will the sessions be recorded?

The information content sessions will be recorded and made available. However, we encourage you to build your MS community, attend the sessions and chats in real time, and use all the networking features available!

How can I share my experience at MS Can Be on social media?

We would love you to share your experience at the MS Can Be summit on social media. Feel free to tag us in your post, see below for handles. Include the event hashtags - #MSCanBe and #SPetalors - in your stories or posts! Please share publicly as you participate in the event although be mindful of sharing the names of other participants.

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