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Mood Changes and Resilience SSM

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About Event

You are invited to attend one or both education sessions:


10:00 am—Mood Changes
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm—Resilience

Mood Changes discusses the complex issues of Mood Disorder.
Fortunately, they are among the most treatable symptoms of MS. This program is designed to help educate and promote awareness of mood disorders in MS through stories from several people living with MS and expert interviews.
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Resilience: People with multiple sclerosis may find that the physical, emotional, cognitive, psychological and spiritual challenges of living with the disease can be overwhelming. Many people living with chronic diseases, including MS, have learned that practicing behaviors which promote resilience is the secret to not just coping with the disease but thriving with it. Resilience helps create a mindset of growth and opportunities, of seeing the obstacles as challenges rather than threats.

Participants will share experiences while watching a DVD and taking part in the discussion. Both session led by Sandy Lychowyd, Regional Director, North Northwest Region, MS Society of Canada.

For more information contact:  800-268-7582, ext. 3347

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