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Hear From The Experts: Family Well-being When Someone Has MS – Realistic Possibilities

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When we hear the word ‘well-being’, we might think first about how it applies to others, not to the caregiver and other family members of someone who lives with multiple sclerosis (MS). In this webinar, Donna Thomson will explore a different concept of well-being and its application to families giving care to someone with a diagnosis of MS. Well-being is a word that we use to describe the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy at home, at work and in the community. Everyone in the family may strive to feel this way at least some of the time and in the context of disability, we need to reconfigure our attitudes about what constitutes ‘comfort’, ‘happiness’ and even ‘health’. In this webinar, a set of simple tools and resources to plan, implement and evaluate a personal well-being strategy will be presented.

Made possible by: The Rexall Care Network Caregiver Program at the MS Society of Canada

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