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MS is Canada’s Disease - Act Now to Improve #LifewithMS

Canada leads the world with one of the highest rate of multiple sclerosis (MS). Canadian researchers lead the world in MS research. Now, we want Canada’s government to lead the world in improving #LifewithMS.

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Ask your Member of Parliament to support these critical steps:

  • Make Work…Work by including more flexible employment to allow people with MS and episodic disabilities to remain in the workforce
  • Make Ends Meet by improving income and disability supports for people with MS who are unable to work or can only work on an intermittent basis
  • Make Access a Reality by implementing accessibility legislation, increasing access to treatments, and investing in comprehensive home care.

Employment is a key factor in maintaining adequate income and reducing poverty. Yet, the average unemployment rate for people living with MS is 60%. That’s too high! Ask your MP to Make Work…Work. Learn more here.

Lack of secure, adequate income intensifies the hardship caused by MS. This needs to change! Ask your MP to Make Ends Meet ! Learn more here.

Canadians living with MS have the right to participate fully in their communities. Yet people have daily challenges of accessing treatments, comprehensive home care, and the environments in their communities where they live. This is unacceptable! Ask your MP to Make Access a Reality for people affected by MS! Learn more here.

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MS impacts families in all Canadian communities. Take a moment to tell your Member of Parliament that improving #LifewithMS is important in your community!

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