Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

What We are Fighting for: Care and Support for People with MS

Coordinate quality lifelong care and support for people with MS

Linda lives with progressive MS and understands how difficult a diagnosis of MS can be.

"There is no one place to go for the many kinds of support you may need, and systems are often not integrated enough for easy access to those supports… I would like all levels of government to recognize and connect all the pieces of the big picture that are needed to live one’s life completely. ”

1. People with MS, those with other diseases of the brain, and people with disabilities need equitable access to a continuum of appropriate high quality housing and care. This means governments need to:

  • Invest in comprehensive home care for people with long term chronic health conditions such as MS.
  • Create a range of age-appropriate housing and care options for people who cannot remain at home.

2. Governments need to fund rehabilitation services in the community (i.e. physiotherapy, occupational therapy, vocational rehabilitation) for people living with MS.

3. Governments need to ensure people with MS have timely access to affordable treatments.

  • The provincial and territorial governments need to provide timely access and public reimbursement to all Health Canada-approved MS therapies.
  • The federal government should establish nation-wide access standards for drugs needed to treat multiple sclerosis.