Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

What We are Fighting for: Care for the Caregiver

Doug has lived with MS for over 10 years.

"My wife Teresa is the rock of the family. She takes time off work to drive me to medical appointments and to be there for my many rounds of treatments. She helps care for me, and I want the government to recognize the vital role she p lays in our family…I want better care for my caregiver. "

  1. The federal government needs to make caregiver tax credits (family caregiver and caregiver tax credits) fully refundable to help provide essential income for people sacrificing time and income to care for people with MS and other disabilities.
  2. The federal government needs to increase the caregiver tax credit amounts (family caregiver and caregiver tax credits) to help alleviate the immense financial burden faced by Canada’s caregivers.
  3. The provincial and territorial governments should support caregivers by offering a fully refundable caregiver tax credit, following the example of the Government of Manitoba.