Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

What's New for 2016 / 2017?

endMS Personnel Awards

Additional Funding Term Eligibility

Trainees currently holding an endMS Personnel Award and are eligible to receive additional term funding beyond the initial term, must submit an endMS Personnel Awards Progress Report (progress report) in the annual research competition by November 1st. The following conditions must be met: 1) the awardee must continue to meet MSSC’s eligibility criteria; 2) the awardee must submit a satisfactory progress report; 3) MSSC must approve the annual progress report, and; 4) MSSC must have funding to extend the award beyond the initial term.

Some changes to the endMS Personnel application and guidelines for all NEW applicants include:

  • Relevance to MS - lay language.
  • Selection of additional themes: Symptom management and quality of life, Mechanisms of disease, Therapy and clinical tool development, and Cause and risk factors.
  • Training Overview and Research.
  • Postgraduate Experience – the template will be accessible on CIHR CCV

endMS Personnel Awards Progress Report

Progress reports will now be submitted by November 1st online in Easygrants. The MSSC will no longer email progress report templates to awardees.

Award Notification
All new endMS Personnel Award recipients will receive a letter of agreement. All eligible award recipients that have been approved for funding will receive a notification of funding letter.

Operating Grants

Changes to the Operating Grant application include:

  • Lay Summary and Relevance to MS have been removed and combined into a section now referred to as Impact and Relevance to MS.
  • Selection of additional themes: Symptom management and quality of life, Mechanisms of disease, Therapy and clinical tool development, and Cause and risk factors
  • All applicants are treated as new applicants; the progress report for renewals has been removed from Uploads.
  • Resubmissions must include original reviewer comments provided by the MSSC. Both scientific and lay reviewer comments must be addressed.

The deadline to submit publications/manuscripts listed as In Progress for Operating Grants, Postdoctoral Fellowship and Studentship applicants is December 1. Only publications listed in the application will be forwarded to the review committee. Please submit to

Community Representative

Review Process
In an effort to enhance the meaningful engagement of people living with MS in research, changes were made to the MSSC's operating grant and award application and review process. Community Representatives will now have the opportunity to rate their overall enthusiasm level for an application using a standardized scale. Community Representatives will also be able to review applications in more depth with guiding questions that place greater emphasis on an application's relevance, impact for people living with MS, and effective use of lay language. For more details please see the appropriate Program Guide (Operating Grants, and endMS Personnel Awards).

Questions and Support

Please direct all inquiries regarding funding opportunities to