Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

Experimental Treatments & Treatments in Development

Some people seek experimental treatments or procedures that may not be approved or available in Canada. Some are used off-label (using a treatment for an indication that has not been approved by Health Canada), are considered exploratory, or have been scientifically proven to be ineffective in treating MS. A person may seek experimental treatments because medications and/or other therapies have not been effective in managing their MS, or because of a desire to explore treatments that are on their way to becoming commercially available. It is important to note that all experimental treatments and procedures come with a level of risk, and sound clinical trials are required to understand the risks and benefits. Health Canada’s approval regimen ensures that the benefits of a given treatment or procedure outweigh its risks.

People are encouraged to maintain open and ongoing discussions with their MS healthcare team when exploring disease management options.

Experimental treatments (ongoing):

Experimental treatments (proven ineffective for MS):

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