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Stories of our community working together to create positive change.

We are closer today than we were yesterday to achieving our vision of a world free of MS. This progress is driven forward by the individual actions of extraordinary Canadians and is magnified by our work together as one MS community.

Here are a few of the individual stories that show our collective impact in 2020:


$7,655,024 raised

through MS Walk, MS Bike and We Challenge MS to support ground-breaking research projects and innovative support programs

I fundraise to support important research, and along with my team Patti’s Pit Crew we have raised over $150,000.  I was also recently involved in bringing forward the virtual TIME™ exercise program to help people living in isolation during the pandemic.”

— Patti Burns, Oro-Medonte
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138 individuals

participated in live exercise programming provided through the first year of the TIME™ program


16,918 fundraisers

worked together to raise critical funds for the MS community

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159 community leaders

united on Division Councils or Chapter/Community Councils

Our Atlantic Government Relations and Advocacy Committee worked really hard during the federal election [in 2019] to relay our goals and concerns to politicians, staff and community members at events. There was a lot of support and interest from people, as well as gratitude for informing them. I feel like that is where I had the greatest influence.”

— Megan Kennedy, Halifax

5,100 letters

sent by the MS community to Members of Parliament asking them to #TakeActionForMS by extending the EI sickness benefit and supporting health charities.

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237 matches

made between Peer Support volunteers and individuals seeking support

I never wanted anyone to feel as alone as I felt when diagnosed, if I have helped one person, that is all the award I need."

— Donalda Martin-Gagnon, Hubley
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5,435 hours

of support was provided through the 1:1 Peer Support Program


366 hours

spent playing video games to raise money for people living with MS

When we started [charity gaming] in 2010, many thought the concept of using video games to raise money for charity was foolish. Now it’s an extremely common concept used worldwide, and we are proud to continue to be pioneers of this method.”

— John Bennett (creator of charity gaming for the MS Society), Mount Pearl
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154 support groups

led by volunteers to support Canadians affected by MS

I'm most proud of my willingness and vulnerability to share my real story, not sugar-coated… through my story others will not have to be alone as they go through this confusing and scary journey.”

— Amanda Simms, Edmonton
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In 2020, we proudly recognized volunteers and fundraisers from coast to coast who consistently demonstrated our organizational values and a strong commitment to achieving a world free of MS.

Click here to learn more about how you can become a part of this dynamic group:

  • Don Bell, Meadowbank
  • Melanie Bennett, Wellington
  • Luc Bourgouing, Sainte-Adèle
  • Patti Burns, Oro-Medonte
  • Croix Bleue Medavie, Montréal
  • Scott Davis, Waterloo
  • Owen Delane, Chilliwack
  • Phil Dewan, Mississauga
  • Donalda Martin Gagnon, Hubley
  • Gamers VS MS Committee, Mount Pearl
  • Signy Hansen, Winnipeg
  • Fillmore Construction, Edmonton
  • Marcel Fortin, Saint-Lambert
  • Megan Kennedy, Halifax

  • Kin District 7, Atlantic Provinces
  • Jan Laarman, Edmonton
  • Lakeland Brewing Company, St. Paul
  • Marie-Josée Laliberté, La Prairie
  • Dave LeClaire, Sarnia
  • Gaby Mammone, Mississauga
  • Becky Money, Red Deer
  • Paul Paridaen, Edmonton
  • Ken Shachtay, Winnipeg
  • Stacey Shein, Toronto
  • Amanda Simms, Edmonton
  • Jacquie Therrien, Montréal
  • Barry Travnicek, Dorchester
  • Merrilee Tweedie, Medicine Hat
  • Arnold Wiebe, Swift Current

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