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Coriann’s legacy of MS research

I decided to support MS in my will because…

“I want a cure for MS and the way to get that is to put more money towards research.”

I've always been my little brother’s protector. So when Ian was diagnosed with MS, I felt incredibly powerless, knowing there was nothing I could do.

I tried my best to be there for him as his disease progressed. You can imagine my shock when, eight years later, I found out that I had MS too.

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When neurologists saw my MRI, they were pretty sure I’d had it for about 15 years with no symptoms. Again, I felt that powerlessness– but this time, I went to the MS Society and started learning everything I could. 

I also started volunteering with the annual research grants review committee. My job was to be the voice of people affected by MS, so research money could be put towards what we think would be most beneficial to us. The first year I had 30 grant proposals to review!

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Even if we don’t find a cure in my lifetime, we’re discovering better treatments. That’s the power of research — investing today for the treatments of tomorrow.

“I want a cure for MS. I believe that the way to get that is to put more money towards research. That’s why I decided to leave a gift in my will to the MS Society.”

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Discover how a gift in your will can create a world free from MS

Learn how, by including the MS Society of Canada in your estate plans, you can fund new research, strengthen programs, and support powerful education and advocacy.


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Address: 500 – 250 Dundas St W Toronto, ON M5T 2Z5

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