Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

Multiple Sclerosis Scientific Research Foundation

The Multiple Sclerosis Scientific Research Foundation (MSSRF) was established in 1973 with an initial investment of $1,000. Over the years with financial support primarily from generous donations to the MS Society of Canada, MSSRF has become the largest fund in the world dedicated strictly to MS research. The goal for the Foundation is to support innovative and transformative research in multiple sclerosis beyond the scope of the MS Society of Canada’s regular granting program. In particular, the focus is on interdisciplinary research that fosters multi-site collaboration and accelerates fundamental advances in understanding and treating MS. Examples of such research are the MSSRF’s recently announced stem cell trial, research into progressive MS, and the ongoing investigation of pediatric MS.

The MSSRF currently funds the Collaborative Team Grant, which is designed to fund MS research conducted by scientists in Canadian institutions in collaboration with other national and international experts. Studies funded by the Team Grant stimulate frequent exchange of knowledge, data, and research techniques, and provides opportunities for scientific training for younger researchers. The Team Grant supports transformative research that can have significant scientific, socio-economic and health impacts in the MS community.

Financial statements

An independent Canadian accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, audits the Multiple Sclerosis Scientific Research Foundation finances annually. Our complete audited financial statements are available to our supporters and to the public below or by calling 1-866-922-6065.

2015 Financial Statements (PDF: 152 KB)


2016‐ 2017


Ms. Nancy Love
Toronto, ON

Mr. Daniel Larouche
Montreal, QC

Mr. Robert Decker
Oakville, ON


Mr. Dwight Duncan
Toronto, ON

Ms. Diana Joseph
Calgary, AB

Mr. David Mindell
Vancouver, BC

Mr. Joseph Randell
Dartmouth, NS

Mr. Cory Turner
Vaughan, ON

Mr. Rick Waugh
Toronto, ON


Ms. Valerie Hussey
Chair, MS Society of Canada
Toronto, ON

Mr. Bruce Richmond
Past Chair, Multiple Sclerosis Scientific Research Foundation
Toronto, ON

Mr. Yves Savoie
President & CEO, MS Society of Canada
Toronto, ON