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Learn the latest news on Canadian MS research. MS Research delivers exciting updates on advancements in the field, stories from the MS research community and profiles on world-leading MS researchers.

In the latest issue, find out more about the benefits that minocycline has shown to have on people living with early-onset MS, and much more!

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Progress Report

Be sure to read the latest edition of Progress Report, the MS Society of Canada’s biannual newsletter. It’s where you’ll find the latest information on the innovative research funded by your generosity.

In this issue, you’ll get breaking news about:

In this issue, you’ll also enjoy:

  • How a 50-year-old antibiotic has emerged as a surprisingly effective MS treatment option, and why the MS community can benefit from it — starting now.
  • The groundbreaking Canadian MS Progression Cohort study, which will observe a large group of people living with MS in order to better understand the signs, triggers, and process of MS progression over time.
  • The first-ever FDA approved treatment for primary progressive MS, and much more.
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Research in Action

Research in Action is a bulletin aimed to deliver the latest news on MS research taking place in communities across Canada, and around the world. In addition to breaking news, Research in Action will highlight the latest MS Updates, blog posts from Vice-President, Research Dr. Karen Lee, profiles of researchers and research volunteers, and important upcoming events in MS research.

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