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MS Research Fall 2019

Learn the latest news on Canadian MS research.

MS Research delivers exciting updates on advancements in the field, stories from the MS research community and profiles on world-leading MS researchers.

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Progress Report

Cover image of MS Progress Report - Fall 2020

Don’t miss the newest edition of Progress Report, the MS Society of Canada’s bi-annual newsletter, featuring valuable information about the innovative research you help fund.

In the feature article, you’ll learn about Susan, whose MS diagnosis caused her to withdraw entirely from others, including her loved ones. But through the MS Walk, Susan found a community that understood her daily challenges, taught her about the future of MS research, and inspired her to share her story with thousands of other supporters.

In this issue, you’ll also read about:

  • How Dr. Tremlett and her team are discovering early signs and symptoms of MS, helping determine who is more likely to develop the disease years before a diagnosis
  • MayzentTM, the first active treatment for secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS) approved by Health Canada in almost 15 years
  • The AI & MS Discovery Grant, an exciting opportunity to improve treatment and prognosis of people living with MS using artificial intelligence (AI)
  • A new MS global data sharing initiative, aimed at understanding the effect of COVID-19 on people with MS and other demyelinating diseases
  • How the MS Society of Canada is navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, and ensuring that critical resources for the MS community stay intact during this difficult year

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Research in Action


Research in Action is a bulletin aimed to deliver the latest news on MS research taking place in communities across Canada, and around the world. In addition to breaking news, Research in Action will highlight the latest MS Updates, blog posts, profiles of researchers and research volunteers, and important upcoming events in MS research.

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