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We are pleased to offer a variety of publications and materials dealing with the many aspects of life with MS. These publications are available for people with MS, families, friends, caregivers and young people and are grouped by the following headings for easy access.

PLEASE NOTE: Since the publication of these booklets, updates have been made to disease modifying therapies (DMTs) available in Canada. For updated information on DMTs please visit Treatments.

About multiple sclerosis - general information

Newly Diagnosed Fact Sheet    
My MS Healthcare Team Discussion Guide

A Resource for Healthcare Professionals: Overview of Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis and how we can help
Relapses and Relapse Management
MS Lesions
MS: Its effects on you and those you love
A resource for those newly diagnosed with MS. It answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the disease and also describes effective coping mechanisms.
Living with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
Living with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis A straight forward and supportive guide that recognizes the special concerns of people with progressive MS. Looking at the issue of treatment and symptom management, this booklet also explores non-pharmacological ways of improving quality of life.
Resilience - Addressing the Challenges of MS
This book provides an overview of the leading theories of resilience, as well as the positive changes that building resilience can create in one’s life. It also outlines practical strategies for developing greater resilience.

Resilience: Addressing the Challenges of MS (video)

Accessing Reliable Health Information

Managing MS symptoms

Cognition and MS
Mood Changes in Multiple Sclerosis

This book explore why and how people with MS experience changes in mood, and provide the latest information on how these symptoms can be addressed.
Mood Changes in Multiple Sclerosis (video)

Intimacy and Sexuality 
Pain and MS 
Fatigue and MS
Managing Pain and Sleep Issues in MS
Spasticity, Mobility Problems and Multiple Sclerosis
Managing Bladder & Bowel Issues in MS
This booklet provides an overview of the types of bladder and bowel issues common to MS. It further outlines the most successful ways that individuals and clinicians have developed for managing these symptoms, and explains why doing so is of utmost importance to your general well-being.

Managing Bladder & Bowel Issues in MS (video)

Bladder Dysfunction 
Bowel Dysfunction

Multiple sclerosis and family

Talking about MS: A Guide for Families
A practical aid to help parents communicate better with their children about MS, by helping parents understand their children's reactions and giving them tools to explain the disease.
Keep S'myelin
A colourful activity book for children of parents with MS, intended to help children find answers to questions about MS and talk with their family and friends about the changes MS can bring. This publication, produced in collaboration with the National MS Society (U.S.), is based on NMSS's award-winning newsletter Keep S'myelin.
Keep Your Balance!
A colourful publication for teens which includes basic information about MS and testimonies from teens who have a parent with MS. It is intended to help teens understand MS, its impact on the family, and their own feelings about the disease.
My Mommy has MS
This booklet is for pre-school children and describes MS and its effects in an easy to understand manner. Written by a mother with MS and her daughter, the booklet also includes a "rainbow activity" that children can prepare with a parent after reading the book. Only available in pdf format.

Managing practical issues

Employment and Income Support Series

Working with MS
Leaving the Workplace
Income Support
Returning to Work
Financial Assistance
Tax Relief

MS in the Workplace: An employer's guide
This publication is intended for employers of those diagnosed with MS. It is a stand-alone piece which is part of a resource for those affected by MS called, A Guide to Employment and Income Support.
Insuring Your Future: Your guide to life insurance and multiple sclerosis
Once diagnosed, it is often difficult for people with MS to obtain insurance. This booklet provides easy-to-understand information about life insurance and describes strategies for acquiring life insurance as well as alternatives to insurance coverage.
Adapting: Financial Planning for a Life with Multiple Sclerosis
This is a comprehensive booklet that covers a variety of finance-related topics to help individuals meet the financial challenges that can accompany MS. The booklet is broken down in to four sections: Where Am I Today, Moving Forward After Initial Diagnosis, Taking Care of Finances and If MS Progresses.

Young persons with MS

Managing School Related Issues
Parents of children with MS often report feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or even helpless about how to help their children. The goal of this handbook is to provide you with tips on parenting a child living with MS and offer tools and resources for you to be your child’s best advocate.
Childhood MS: A Guide for Parents (MSIF resource)
This guide is intended to help parents or caregivers understand more about the care a child living with MS may need, and the kind of support you are entitled to in order to manage the changes MS can bring.
Mighty Special Kids
This activity book is for kids aged 5 to 12 who have multiple sclerosis. The book helps families talk about MS, helps children understand how MS affects their daily life and offers suggestions for discussing MS with friends and schoolmates. You can also link to the interactive version on the National MS Society’s website (English only) .
Kids Get MS Too: A Guide for Parents Whose Child or Teen has MS
Kids Get MS Too – Questions and Answers

MS and Allied Diseases

Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO)
Neuromyelitis optica (NMO), sometimes known as 'Devic's disease' is a rare autoimmune disorder of the central nervous system (CNS) where antibodies can damage the spinal cord and/or optic nerves during attacks...
Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM)
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis or ADEM, is a rare neurological disorder that predominantly affects children, but can affect individuals of any age. It is characterized by a short-lived but widespread attack of inflammation in the central nervous system (brain, including optic nerve, and spinal cord) causing damage to the myelin, the protective covering of nerve fibers.

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Additional Information

How to navigate a virtual care visit: patient guide from the Canadian Medical Association

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Multiple Sclerosis - The Facts You Need Fifth Edition by

Dr. Paul O'Connor



How To Health Guide (2016)

How to Fill Out an Application for Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits is a step-by-step resource guide to submitting a successful application for CPP-D benefits. (This is applicable to Canadians living outside of Quebec).

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