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2016 AB & NWT Division Awards

The 2016 Alberta & Northwest Territories Division Awards are an opportunity to recognize the contributions of the outstanding volunteers who donate their time and expertise to help fulfill our mission.

The Division Award recipients will be informed January 2017; the Division Awards will be presented at the Ambassador Forum in Fall 2017.

Deadline for submitting nominations is Friday, December 9.

Click here for a summary of the awards – a quick reference guide that outlines the criteria for each award.

Please refer to the links below for the individual award nomination packages:

2016 President’s Division Award
2016 Division Award of Merit – Member
2016 Division Award of Merit – Non Member
2016 Nancy R. Perkins Division Award
2016 Opal Division Award
2016 Board Chair’s Special Recognition Division Award
2016 Junior Merit Division Award (NEW)
2016 Special Service Division Award
2016 Communications Division Award
2016 Joanne Robinson Division Award
2016 Pat Stewart Division Award
2016 Maureen Allen Division Award
2016 Professional Care Division Award
2016 Paul Scott Division Award

Click here to view our past Division Award recipients.

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