Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada


A statement from the MS Society of Canada

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We are outraged and heartbroken by the violence and injustices perpetrated against the Black community.
We are enraged and filled with anguish over the brutality and injustices faced by the Indigenous community.
We recognize the systemic racism that exists in this country.
As an organization we realize that our anger and despair are not enough. We must do better.

The MS Society of Canada stands with our counterparts around the globe in our commitment to creating a world where everyone, of every race, can live a life free of MS and free of injustice and inequality.

We recognize the effects of MS on the Black and Indigenous communities are magnified by the inequities within society. We will not be successful in finding the cure until we confront and address these inequities. The disparities that keep Black and Indigenous people from receiving today’s care must not keep them from receiving tomorrow’s cure.

We’re listening, we’re learning, and we’re committed to doing our part by following through with an actionable plan.

People affected by MS are at the heart of everything we do.

We hear you.

We stand with you.

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