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Breaking News: OCREVUS™ (ocrelizumab) is the first drug approved by the FDA for primary progressive MS

Breaking News (March 28, 2017): The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the approval of Ocrevus™ (ocrelizumab) for the treatment of primary progressive and relapsing (including secondary progressive MS with relapses) forms of MS. The drug is marketed by pharmaceutical company Genentech, which is a subsidiary of Roche. Ocrelizumab acts as an immunomodulatory drug by targeting and removing potentially harmful B cells (a type of white blood cell) in people living with MS. The MS Society continues to fund important research focused on the role of B cells in all subtypes of MS. For more information on how ocrelizumab works, visit the disease-modifying therapies page and check out the ocrelizumab FAQ.

Roche has submitted a drug marketing application for ocrelizumab to Health Canada. It is currently under review. The MS Society will continue to provide updates on Health Canada approval and drug access as they become available.

While ocrelizumab represents an important milestone in MS treatment, the MS research community is focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the biological mechanisms underlying progressive MS, and this treatment sheds light on this mechanism.

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