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Consultations on Future Legislation re: Medical Assistance in Dying

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(Updated June 2016)

In February 2015, the Supreme Court made a historic decision to lift Canada’s ban on medical assistance in dying. With this decision, the Supreme Court has sent a clear and strong message to legislatures that medical assistance in dying must be permitted for a carefully defined subset of Canadians. The Supreme Court has given Parliament one year to draft new legislation. The court suspended that decision for 12 months, meaning that the current law remains in force.

First, the MS Society respects the autonomy and ability of persons with MS and their families to make their own choices regarding their own lives. Second, the MS Society developed a discussion framework document regarding the future legislation of medical assistance in dying. This document is designed to provide information for members and volunteers to join in the consultations that have been announced. You can join the consultations by clicking on the following link -

Please note that this discussion paper is not meant to be comprehensive; rather it is to promote discussion topics and consideration of this topic which may provide insights and resources for further exploration. In tandem with this document you can read our Living with Dignity position statement that is referenced in the discussion document.

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