Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada


G&F Financial Donates $10,000 to MS Knowledge Network

G&F Financial Group has donated $10,000 to the new MS Knowledge Network, through the G&F Financial Group Foundation.

The MS Knowledge Network will focus on curating the vast amount of information related to MS in order to make knowledge accessible to everyone, no matter where you are. Trained MS navigators will be available by phone to further help individuals search the MS Knowledge Network website, or to gather information for those not using the website.

Information will cater to the individual caller and his or her own community resources. With the help of our partners at G&F Financial Group, we hope to investigate further communication methods such as text and web chat inquiries, and we will continue to ensure that the most updated and beneficial information is available.

Thank you G&F Financial Group, for allowing us to continue to serve the greatest amount of individuals possible.

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