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Legacy Giving with Jim and Diane Butlin

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"It's a chance to give back in a big way."
- Jim and Diane Butlin talk about why they support the MS Society

“The MS Society helped me understand my disease and continues to help and support both me and my family,” says Jim, explaining why he supports the MS Society both as an active fundraiser and as a legacy donor.

Diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis in the fall of 2009, Jim needed to learn about multiple sclerosis and what his future held. His doctors directed him to the MS Society as a resource. This is where his ‘MS Library’ began. It started with general information about the disease that affects over 14,000 Albertans and continues to grow as he researches everything from new symptoms to drug therapies to the stories of other people like him that are also living with MS.

In 2010, the Butlin Family registered for the MS Walk in Edmonton to help raise funds for the MS Society. Being surrounded by people walking to find a cure was a proud moment. It was also an eye opener. “I just couldn’t believe how many people in our community are affected by MS,” says Diane, Jim’s wife. “I still can’t believe it.”

This experience spurred the Butlins to increase their fundraising efforts. “It’s a debilitating disease and when you’re going through it yourself and also witnessing what others have to go through, you can’t not support it,” says Jim.

Realizing the impact of their donations over the years, Jim and Diane were inspired to make a legacy gift to the MS Society. Jim says his decision to include the Society in his estate plans was made “because it’s giving back to an organization that has been good to me and so many others.”

“The MS Society’s ability to provide programs and to hopefully someday find a cure directly affects us, so of course we’re committed to helping them,” says Jim. “Leaving a gift to the MS Society in our will is a chance to give back in a big way to something that we’re passionate about; allowing us to support those on a similar journey long after we pass.”

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