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MS Society of Canada Calls Upon Government to Prioritize COVID-19 Vaccine for People Living with MS

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With the approval of COVID-19 vaccines in Canada, we heard from people living with multiple sclerosis who were seeking peace of mind on the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines. In response, MS Society partner organizations convened a group of international expert researchers and medical professionals to review the available science and make fact-based recommendations. The Canadian Network of MS Clinics and the MS Society of Canada’s Medical Advisory Committee have revised and endorsed the COVID-19 vaccine guidance for Canadians living with MS.

And now the MS Society has moved to action on COVID-19 vaccine prioritization for people living with MS. We have joined with national health and disability organizations to share our collective concerns and advocate for the prioritization of special populations such as those with MS, within the vaccine roll-out plan. The MS Society has submitted letters to provincial, territorial, and federal governments recommending that people with MS and their essential family caregivers and care providers be explicitly included as a key population for early COVID-19 immunization. We will continue to meet with partners and take action as needed.

For updates on COVID-19 resources from the MS Society visit: What You Need to Know About Coronavirus.

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