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MS Society of Canada Donor Triples the Impact of Your Donation to Support the MS Community on Giving Tuesday

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$50,000 fundraising goal set to fund MS research and crucial supports and services

TORONTO, ON (Nov. 23, 2021)— On Giving Tuesday, donations to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada will have triple the impact, thanks to an anonymous donor, meaning each gift will offer three times the support to Canadians affected by multiple sclerosis (MS).

Giving Tuesday is the world's largest generosity movement, with more than 75 participating countries. On Nov. 30, Canadians are encouraged to come together from a distance, celebrate giving, and support charitable causes. This Giving Tuesday, the MS Society aims to raise $50,000 in funds to better support those impacted by MS across the country. Canada has one of the highest rates of MS globally, with 12 people diagnosed with the disease, on average, each day.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty, separation, and anxiety for people impacted by MS. Through the generosity of donors on Giving Tuesday and beyond, it is possible for the MS Society to diminish that uncertainty by providing consistent and quality information, resources and support; and funding life-changing research into treatments, symptom management, and a cure for MS.

People like Kajal Rai, a BC resident diagnosed with MS in 2020, found a wealth of information and a new community who understood her day-to-day challenges when she joined an online MS Society support group. In addition to benefiting from the MS Society programs and services, Kajal is hopeful that the ground-breaking research supported by the organization will help move us closer to a world free from MS.

"A cure for MS would mean that I could have a life of normality and life of certainty. I'll be able to go to sleep knowing that tomorrow is going to be just as great, if not better, than today. Right now, I go to sleep in fear because I don't know what tomorrow will bring," Kajal explains.

The MS Society has helped make significant research progress possible with the discovery of MS treatments and symptom management over the past 20 years – but it is important that we maintain this research trajectory despite the impacts of the pandemic. The movement of the MS Society remains strong, resilient, and solution focused; however, it is through donations that the MS Society can maintain critical investment in research without losing momentum. Now, more than ever, people affected by MS need support to navigate their unrelenting challenges in an uncertain world.

"Canadian researchers are on the cusp of ground-breaking breakthroughs, which means we can't let the impacts of COVID-19 impede the momentum of our research efforts," says Pam Valentine, President & CEO, MS Society of Canada. "With your support on Giving Tuesday and moving forward, the ability to eradicate the impact of MS is right around the corner."

This is the first of two donation matching initiatives on the cards before the end of 2021, with a further $200,000 goal for the MS Society's end of year giving campaign.

To support Canadians affected by MS on Giving Tuesday and beyond, visit to donate directly to the MS Society of Canada.


About multiple sclerosis and the MS Society of Canada

Canada has one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis in the world. On average, 12 Canadians are diagnosed every day. MS is a chronic autoimmune disease of the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord). It is considered an episodic disability meaning that the severity and duration of illness and disability can vary and are often followed by periods of wellness. It can also be progressive. Most people are diagnosed with MS between the ages of 20 and 49 and the unpredictable effects of the disease will last for the rest of their lives. The MS Society provides information, support and advocacy to people affected by MS, and funds research to find the cause and cure for the disease, bringing us closer to a world free of MS. Please visit or call 1-800-268-7582 for more information, to get involved, or to support Canadians affected by MS by making a donation.

Join the conversation and connect with the MS community online. Find the MS Society on Twitter, Instagram or like our page on Facebook.


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