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MS Society of Canada Launches Virtual Carnation Pinning Campaign

  • National News Release

On May 30, 2020, World MS Day, the MS Society of Canada is holding a Virtual Carnation Pinning for politicians across the country and the global MS community to recognize MS Awareness Month and World MS Day. As part of our ongoing work to support Canadians affected by MS and #MakeMSMatter, this event is an important vehicle to help raise awareness of the tens of thousands of Canadians who live with this disease and the impact it can have on their lives.

“Canada has one of the highest rates of MS in the world,” says Pam Valentine, president and CEO, MS Society of Canada. “Canadians affected by MS face many challenges, from financial hardships to difficulty accessing care, and COVID-19 has only intensified them. Our Virtual Carnation Pinning helps build awareness of the impact MS has on people across our country. With the support of the MS community and parliamentarians from coast to coast to coast, we will share the personal and profound stories of life with MS and continue the crucial work towards our vision, a world free of MS.”

When someone is diagnosed with MS, life can suddenly turn on a dime: one day their body behaves normally, and the next it refuses to listen to them. MS can happen to anyone, without warning, and often in the prime of life. Over 77,000 Canadians are currently living with MS and on average, 11 more people are newly diagnosed every day. MS is truly Canada’s disease.

That’s why the MS Society of Canada is committed to ensuring Canadians living with MS, and their families, can participate fully in all aspects of life. Typically, the MS Society and the MS community come together throughout the month of May to walk, bike, meet with politicians, and hold events across the country to raise awareness of this disease. While we aren’t able to do that this year, the importance of showing local communities across Canada that their leaders support them has never been more critical.

Now, we’re asking Canadians to join us by helping ensure their elected leaders participate in the Virtual Carnation Pinning ceremony. All you need to do is tag your MP on social media channels, encouraging them to join the Virtual Carnation Pinning on May 30th and act now to #MakeMSMatter.

The theme for World MS Day 2020 is connections. Now more than ever, we are highlighting the important connections Canadians affected by MS have to health charities like the MS Society of Canada and why these connections are so important for their long-term health and well-being, as well as their ability to participate fully in all aspects of life. Health charities are an important part of the fabric of Canada and without that support, the most vulnerable Canadians will lose their connections to the research, supports, and advocacy they have relied on since our founding in 1948 and will lead to a greater sense of isolation in the MS community.

Visit to show your support, and to access and download our social media profile frame and other suggested materials. Then, on World MS Day, take a selfie with the campaign poster, and share it on your social media channels using @MSSocietyCanada and #MakeMSMatter. And don’t forget to signal boost anyone else you see doing the same.

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