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MS Walk Countdown!

A Message from our Lower Mainland Chapter Board Chair, Michele ClarkeAs you may know, the 2016 Scotiabank MS Walk is fast approaching! The 2016 MS Walk will be on Sunday, May 15th in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. As we begin our “MS Walk Countdown”, it may be beneficial if we start preparing ourselves for this great event! Getting some advice from healthcare professionals could help us prepare for participation at the Scotiabank MS Walk. Well, I did have some appointments booked with healthcare professionals so I started asking questions and obtained suggestions on how we should prepare. I will start to share that information in the following posts. Let’s start counting down … 4, 3, 2, 1 … walk!

“MS Walk Countdown #4: Interview with Dr. Reebye, UBC MS Clinic.”

For those that haven’t had an appointment with Dr. Reebye, his specialty is physiatry. A physiatrist is a doctor of physical medicine. In the past, Dr. Reebye has helped me adjust my movements to reduce pain and build strength. I knew that he would be a great person to ask for advice. Here is a little of what he has shared with me:

Dr. Reebye told me that it wouldn’t matter if we didn’t feel like walking on the day of the event. He said that even if we weren’t walking, we should go to the walk site and have a fun day as it is nice to be around others with MS. We can hang out with our friends, our families, and we can meet new people to make new friends! There will be some entertainment and snacks provided! Raising funds for research and services is great for our future benefits too. Let’s raise money to fund research and hopefully find the cure for MS!

Dr. Reebye said that it is important to know our abilities to ensure we are safe. If someone uses a mobility aid, it is good to understand their own physical limitations. He recommends for us to use the mobility aid we are most comfortable with. This will help us with our safety, and build up self confidence.

If you are doing the walk, it is important to know when to take a rest break. I asked if it was a good idea to prepare for the MS Walk by practicing and building up our endurance, and walk distance, over time. Dr. Reebye agreed and told me that it was good to try a short walking distance. Then, add a little more distance each time we repeat our walk. Dr. Reebye also said that it would be nice to bring a “Walk buddy”. This could be someone that helps you with your physical preparations for the day of the 2016 MS Walk. This could also be someone that goes and does the MS Walk with you!

To close our appointment, Dr. Reebye told me to have a good time, and be safe. I am looking forward to our next appointment when I will share my success. The success of attending the 2016 MS Walk. And, hopefully, the success of completing the 2016 MS Walk!!

As we countdown the days to the Scotiabank MS Walk, we countdown with Interviews from Healthcare Professionals. “MS Walk Countdown #3 – Interview with Denise, UBC MS Clinic”, is up next. Then #2, then #1. Stay tuned!

Let’s put the FUN back in FUNdraising!!

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