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MS Walk Countdown #1: Interview with Dr. Ana-Luiza Sayao, UBC MS Clinic

A message from our Lower Mainland Chapter Board Chair, Michele ClarkeThis next posting is from Dr. Ana-Luiza Sayao, Neurologist at UBC MS Clinic. Dr. Sayao is the neurologist that sees me at UBC MS Clinic. She is a wonderful, and kind, doctor that always takes the time to answer any questions that I may have at our appointments. She did take a little extra time at my last appointment to answer my questions about preparing for the 2016 Scotiabank MS Walk. I told her that I wanted to share her responses with others and she said “Yes, please do that”. Here are some of her recommendations that she wants to share:

Dr. Sayao agreed with the comments and recommendations from the other health care professionals. She also told me that it is important for people to not feel pressured into completing the walk. She says, “Do what you can and remember to take rest breaks during the Walk if you feel the need.” Dr. Sayao understands how everybody’s MS is different and that we may feel strong one day and then weak, and maybe uncoordinated, the next day. She wants everyone to walk safely. Again, “Do what you can”.

Dr. Sayao agrees that even if we are not completing the MS Walk, we should feel great about attending the event. “Attending the event shows your support, and participation!” Maybe, take a selfie with your phone and post it to show your participation by attending the 2016 Scotiabank MS Walk!

What a wonderful idea!! We can all show our support by taking a selfie at the Scotiabank MS Walk and posting it with this hashtag: #BCY2016MSWALK.

For those that know Twitter, you know that all posts using a common hashtag can be counted. The use of the “@” sign before a name is called a “mention”. I wonder how many twitter mentions we can see at the event! Please post your selfie and tag it with the hashtag, #BCY2016MSWALK, and a mention, @MS_Society_LMC. Hope to see you at the 2016 Scotiabank MS Walk!!

This was the final interview with Healthcare Professionals for 2016 MS Walk! Now we just need to get out and go to our local MS Walk locations on May15th! Get out and have some fun!!

@MS_Society_LMC #BCY2016MSWALK #endMS #whateverittakes

Let’s put the FUN back in FUNdraising!!

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