Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada


Newfoundland MS Bike Tour 2015 - ATL

On Saturday, September 26 cyclists rode between 64 and 88 kilometres from Paradise to Torbay and back again as a part of the MS Bike - the largest cycling series in North America. The 3rd annual Newfoundland MS Bike Tour, dubbed “Bike the Rock” was a wonderful event that brought people together in the
fight to end MS! Funds raised from the MS Bike Tour support innovative research into the cause, treatment and cure of MS as well as provide valuable services and programs for Canadians affected by MS.

The money raised in Newfoundland and Labrador goes towards programs in the province, including helping to fund the research being done by Dr. Craig Moore, from Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland, who is working on understanding how inflammation in the brain leads to injury and repair. In the field of MS research, Dr. Moore has identified several different molecules in the human body that could be targeted to promote repair in the damaged brain and are relevant in several neurological conditions.

Looking for photos of the Newfoundland MS Bike Tour 2015? Check out the link below!

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