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99-year-old Jessie Lang fights MS in her daughter’s memory

“Forever Wendy” is the name of the MS Walk team that honours Jessie Lang’s daughter Wendy, who lived with MS for 30 years. Through volunteering, advocacy work, philanthropy and many other forms of outreach, Jessie and her daughter, Signy Hansen, have worked tirelessly to ensure that Wendy’s memory lives on.

And now, Jessie has decided to leave a legacy of hope by making a gift to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada in her will. “My darling daughter had MS, so this disease was close to me. With this gift, I hope to help others,” Jessie said.

A prominent philanthropist and long-time MS Society of Canada board member, Jessie understands that funding innovative research is the only way to find the cause and the cure for this mysterious disease. All too aware that MS is Canada’s disease — no country has a higher rate — she also deeply values the resources and services that we provide to individuals and families living with MS.

Wendy was the inspiration for Jessie’s generous gift (also known as a bequest), but it’s the 100,000 Canadians living with the disease today and those who will develop it in the near future who motivate her to leave a gift that can make a difference in the years, even decades, to come.

Although Wendy faced MS with poise and courage, it was a long and often grueling battle. Jessie Lang has devoted much of her life and a great many resources to raising awareness of MS and helping to fund the fight to end it. She urges others to consider leaving a gift in their will as well. “When you meet people living with MS, you are inspired by them to give.”

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