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Canada has the highest rate of multiple sclerosis in the world. MS is a chronic, often disabling disease of the central nervous system comprising the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve. It is one of the most common neurological diseases affecting young adults in Canada. It affects women three times more often than men.

photo of Barinder Rasode

Barinder Rasode has seen the

barriers people with health challenges face in the workplace time and again,

both as a Surrey City Councillor, and in her current roles as Director of Social

Responsibility for Resource Works and co-founder of SheTalks, a forum that

shares women’s stories of leadership, transformation, and innovation. That’s why she jumped at the opportunity to

get involved with Women Against MS (WAMS), a powerful network of women building

MS awareness and raising research funds to end MS.

“We've read over and over again that early diagnosis and proper treatment are so helpful, not only to the individual but also to our economy, because then time away from work is not prolonged.”

Rasode will act as guest speaker for the WAMS Summer Networking Event, “In her Shoes,” where she can show her support for women’s professional and individual development, all for a great cause. There, she will combine her passion for sharing women’s stories with her networking know-how, giving tips and tricks for building solid foundations for women in business.

“I think that networking is the number one factor in success, to be very candid with you. The sort of networking that's real, in terms of conversation and personal stories is very valuable. The ‘rawness’ is actually what connects women to women and actually is more empowering. So, I've always been a very strong advocate of not only women networking and mentoring, but being mentored as well.”

In Rasode’s eyes, programs like WAMS and SheTalks are invaluable, because “as your network of women grows so does your spirit in terms of your confidence and your ability to get things done.”

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WAMS’s Summer Networking Event takes place on June 25 at Dermalogica

in Vancouver. You can RSVP online through

The MS Society provides services to people with MS and their families and funds research to find the cause and cure for this disease. Please visit or call 1-800-268-7582 to make a donation or for more information.

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