Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

Listening to People Affected by MS

We need to hear from you. Share your experience with the MS Society.

Through input and insight gathered from people affected by MS, the MS Society hopes to advance our mission to be a leader in finding a cure for multiple sclerosis and enabling people affected by MS to enhance their quality of life. Results of this survey will help inform the strategic plan of the MS Society of Canada and our programs, services, research and advocacy work. Thank you in advance for sharing your voice.

Click here to participate or contact the MS Knowledge Network at 1-844-859-6789. Survey closes October 26th, 2018.

For a printable copy, click here to download the survey. When completed it can be returned to your nearest MS Society office.

What is the Listening to People Affected by MS Initiative 1.0?

This initiative was launched in 2014 in order to hear from Canadians affected by MS about their quality of life priorities, needs, and barriers so that the MS Society of Canada can better inform decisions that relate to our programs, services and advocacy. We sought input in a number of ways including two on-line surveys, a poll, focus groups, key informant interviews and an environmental scan, all of which will helped us further explore aspects of quality of life and MS.

In 2014, we heard from over 6,000 Canadians about their quality of life needs, priorities and barriers. Results from the initiative can be found at

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