Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

​1:1 MS Peer Support Program

The MS Society is pleased to offer a telephone/internet peer support program for individuals living with MS. You may be newly diagnosed, you may have a specific question, or maybe you are dealing with an issue related to your MS. Sometimes the best person to talk to is someone who also has MS. Volunteers from across Canada are provided with extensive training to ensure they have the skills to best support you.

How does it work?

  • Contact the MS Society of Canada, Peer Support Program at or 1-800-268-7582 x3149 to request more information or an application.
  • You will fill out an application and have a conversation with the program coordinator to ensure we can properly match you with a volunteer.
  • Once a volunteer is secured, you will be notified by the program coordinator and the volunteer will contact you. Together you will decide on the frequency of communication – some people want to chat just a few times and others maintain an ongoing connection. The MS Society will monitor matches up to 6 months.

“My peer support volunteer has enhanced my mental health and emotional state. She has been very supportive.”

“I find it helpful and easier to talk to someone that has MS and really understands what I am going through. We bounce ideas off of each other.”

“My peer support volunteer has encouraged me to go out. I get out more now and stay involved in the community; before I tended to hibernate in my house, only going out for groceries or work. She has eased my mind about certain things.”

The MS Peer Support Program also accepts applications from individuals interested in becoming a volunteer. Click here for more information.