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The 1:1 Peer Support Program is a telephone and internet-based program for individuals living with MS and for loved ones of people with MS. You may have a specific question, or maybe you are dealing with issues related to MS. Sometimes the best person to talk to is someone who has had similar experiences. Volunteers from across Canada are provided with training to ensure they have the skills to best support you.

About the 1:1 Peer Support Program



6 months1 phone callMinimum 1 year


The extended stream is for anyone looking for a listening ear from someone who understands and has lived experience with MS. Applicants are
directly matched with a trained volunteer and connect on an ongoing basis. Having someone in your corner to provide this unique support can be invaluable.
The OneCall stream is for individuals who have a specific question or issue related to MS. These calls with a volunteer are quick and restricted to one hour.If you are a person who lives with MS, or a loved one of someone who lives with MS, and are at a place in your experience where you can effectively support others, please apply to be a Peer Support Volunteer.

Please note that given potential interest and the need to ensure diversity in the volunteer pool, not all applications will result in acceptance to the program at this time.


Virtual Only (phone call, email, Skype/Facetime, etc)Phone call onlyVirtual Only (phone call, email, Skype/Facetime, etc)


Submit an online application (if you require help with the application please contact the MS Knowledge Network and speak with an MS Navigator for assistance).

On-boarding call with the Program Coordinator.

The Program Coordinator will email/call you when a match is available.

Submit an online application (if you require help with the application please contact the MS Knowledge Network and speak with an MS Navigator for assistance).

A volunteer will call* you back within a few days.

*To protect the privacy of our volunteers, the call will come from a blocked number.
Complete an online application (if you require help with the application please contact the MS Knowledge Network and speak with an MS Navigator for assistance).

30 minute phone interview.

Undergo a reference check (2 references) and criminal background check.

Once selected complete an online training.


Time to be matched can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks depending on available volunteers.A volunteer will call you within a few business days of submitting your application.This process takes approximately 6 weeks.


APPLY for ExtendedAPPLY for OneCallAPPLY to Volunteer Today

If you have any questions please contact the 1:1 Peer Support Program Coordinator at or call and leave a voicemail at 1-800-268-7582 x3149, and indicate whether you live with MS or are a caregiver.

The 1:1 Peer Support Program (Extended and OneCall) provides a listening and empathetic ear from someone else affected by MS. It is not meant to replace professional counselling and volunteers do not provide medical advice.

How has the 1:1 Peer Support Program Helped


“I’m so thankful I found the Peer Support Program during a time when I needed support the most. I was only 20 years old when I was diagnosed with MS and it was a complete shock to me. I had no idea what MS was, and it was terrifying to have to go through this huge change in my life alone.

After exchanging a few emails back and forth with my peer, we quickly formed a strong bond. We went from talking about our MS stories to eventually, having our relationship flourish into a friendship where we can talk about our personal lives.

The Peer Support Program made me feel comfortable in my own skin again. It gave me back the confidence I lost after my diagnosis and allowed me to develop a friendship that I will cherish forever.” - Jessie

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“Throughout my lifetime, my dad’s incredible strength and resilience in his MS journey has inspired strength in me. Now, I volunteer for the 1:1 Peer Support Program as part of a community of people who understand what type of tenacity that truly takes, and with the hope of sharing his journey to remind others of what they are capable of.

Since the program is phone and online-based, I am still able to connect with people affected by MS without leaving my house. I encourage people to volunteer for the 1:1 Peer Support program to support those in the MS community who are unable to go out, even when these trying times are over. We are always better when we stick together." - Shannon

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