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Programs and Services - Saskatchewan

  • Information Services
  • Peer Support
  • Recreation & Fitness

From the time of diagnosis, we're here to support, encourage and provide practical help through the following services:


We have a collection of resources about multiple sclerosis. The information is credible and reliable and includes: diagnosis, symptoms, treatments, research, programs and other topics such as employment,
insurance, fitness and family issues. If you are newly diagnosed or on the road to diagnosis, we can provide a Newly Diagnosed Kit to you at no charge.

Speak with one of our Client Services staff about your personal situation and we’ll help to identify information, programs, services and supports to enhance your quality of life and address challenges.


Client Services staff can help to navigate the challenges of finding appropriate programs, services, benefits from the health system and government agencies. We strive to identify options or solutions.


In addition to printed literature, public education includes: our website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, publications from other sources, newsletters, bulk emails, member mailings (ie. postcards), etc. Client Services staff and trained volunteers also conduct presentations to educate the public, businesses, groups, healthcare professionals and students.


Staff can support people with MS with application completion, letters of appeal to government programs, information and support when communicating with an employer and providing resources for family physicians.

Recreation & Social Activities

A variety of recreation and social activities are offered throughout the province, including fitness classes (ie. yoga and aquatic fitness), strength training, Christmas celebrations, BBQs, etc.

Peer Support

Living with MS is different for everyone and an MS support group brings together people who want to share their stories and coping strategies, receive peer support and learn more about the disease, treatments, research or wellness options.


Post-secondary scholarships for the person with MS, or an immediate family member to someone with MS, are available.

Community Referral

When necessary, we will refer individuals to other community supports and programs such as the CNIB, SAIL or the SAID Program.

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