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Special Services at Home (SSAH)

  • Caregivers and Families
  • Financial Assistance

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCFCS) Special Services at Home (SSAH) program helps children with developmental or physical disabilities and adults with developmental disabilities to live at home with their families by providing funding on a time-limited basis to address individual needs. With this funding, families can purchase supports and services that they could not normally provide themselves and are not available elsewhere in the community.

Each family has a unique set of circumstances. Families will need to describe their needs, establish their own goals and indicate the type of assistance they need.

Funds may be provided for the following:

  • Personal Development and Growth - e.g. new skills and abilities
  • Family Relief and Support

Eligibility Criteria

Children with a developmental or physical disability and adults with a

developmental disability are eligible for SSAH if they:

  • Are residents of Ontario;
  • Have an ongoing functional limitation as a result of a disability;
  • Require support beyond that which is a normal family responsibility; and
  • Are living at home with their families.

For more information:

Phone: Toll Free: 1-866-821-7770 (Toll-free) or 1-800-387-5559 (TTY)

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