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Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

  • Employment
  • Financial Assistance

The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) is essentially comprised of two programs: Income and Employment Supports.

ODSP Income Supports:

The program provides financial assistance to people with disabilities who are 18 years of age or older, qualify financially (see below) and have a substantial physical or mental impairment that is continuous or recurrent and is expected to last one year or more.

Candidates may also qualify if...

  • They receive disability benefits under the Canada Pension Plan
  • They are 65 or older and are not eligible for Old Age Security (OAS)
  • They live in a psychiatric facility
  • They live in a facility under the Development Services Act or in a home under the Homes for Special Care Act

Candidates may not qualify financially if...

  • They are single and have over $5,000 in cash, RRSPs, or insurance policies
  • They have a spouse or common-law partner and have over $7,500 in cash, RRSPs or in insurance policies
  • They have children and a spouse or common-law partner and have over $7,500 + $500 (for each child) in cash, RRSPs or insurance policies

ODSP Employment Supports can help with:

  • Planning and preparing for a job - could also include training;
  • Technical aids ranging from mobility devices and reading aids to adapted computers - and the training to use them;
  • Interpreter, reader, note taker, and intervener services;
  • Job coaching and help with job searches; and
  • Transportation assistance while you are training for a job. An individual may be eligible if they have a physical or mental disability that is expected to last a year or more and, as a result, makes it hard for them to find or keep a job. They do not need to be receiving ODSP Income support to be eligible for Employment Supports. If they are eligible or receiving disability or rehabilitation benefits from other public or private sources, they may not be eligible for the program. People on Ontario Works are not eligible.

For more information:

Phone: 1-888-789-4199 (Toll-free) or 1-800-387-5559 (TTY)

Find your local ODSP office here

Visit the website here

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