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Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)

  • Financial Assistance

The Guaranteed Income Supplement provides additional money, on top of the Old Age Security pension to low-income seniors living in Canada. To be eligible for the GIS benefit, you must be receiving the Old Age Security pension and meet income requirements. Eligibility also depends on whether your income and that of your spouse or common-law partner, if you have one, exceeds a specific amount. When applying for the GIS benefit, you, and in the case of a couple, you and your spouse or common-law partner, must report the following income:

  • Canada Pension Plan or Que_bec Pension Plan benefits
  • private pension income and superannuation
  • foreign pension income
  • RRSPs that you cashed
  • Employment Insurance benefits
  • interest on any savings
  • any capital gains or dividends
  • income from any rental properties
  • any employment income
  • income from other sources such as workers' compensation payments, alimony, etc.

Benefits received from the Old Age Security program, including the Guaranteed Income Supplement and the Allowance, are not included as income.

For more information:

Phone: 1-800-277-9914 (Toll-free) or 1-800-255-4786 (TTY)

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