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Help for Low-Income Consumers, Ontario Energy Board

  • Financial Assistance

A number of special programs are available in Ontario to help low-income energy consumers. You need to meet certain criteria to qualify for these programs:

Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP)

  • This program provides low-income consumers with a monthly on-bill credit to reduce their electricity bill.

Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)

  • Emergency financial assistance - This program provides a one-time grant towards your electricity or natural gas bill if you are temporarily unable to make ends meet in an emergency situation.

Special Rules

  • Utilities have to follow special rules when dealing with customers with limited finances; for example, waiving security deposits, allowing longer payment times and more.

Energy Conservation

  • Utilities offer programs that can help you reduce your energy use and lower your overall household costs

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Phone: 1-877-632-2727 (Toll-free), 416-314-2455 (Local), 1-844-621-9977 (Toll-free TTY), 416-544-5190 (Local TTY)

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