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Long Term Disability

  • Financial Assistance
  • Advocacy & Legal
  • Health and Wellness

Employer Group Disability Insurance

  • Some employers may provide group disability income replacement insurance
  • Benefits are usually a certain percentage of normal earnings for a specified period, under certain circumstances
  • Payments may be reduced if receiving benefits from other sources i.e. government programs
  • Plans can vary and can be short and/or long term
  • Funded by the Employer or by both the Employer and the Employee. If the Employee pays for the entire costs of LTD premiums, then the LTD benefits are non-taxable; however, if the employer pays a portion or all of the premium, the LTD benefits are taxable

Individual Disability Insurance Plans

  • Plans vary in cost depending on age and health status
  • People with MS may be turned down for coverage or the costs may be high
  • If a disability insurance plan is in place before being diagnosed with MS, it should not be allowed to lapse
  • Amount and length of benefits vary - determined when the policy is issued
  • Benefits are not taxable (since person pays premium)
  • Each plan has its own definition of disability and may affect benefits paid

For more information about disability insurance please visit CLHIA's "A Guide to Disability Insurance" on their website here.

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