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Travel insurance may be through an employer's plan or purchased separately.

  • If purchased separately, this insurance generally is for a specific time period
  • Covers medical costs while travelling
  • Some plans require claimant to pay for expenses first and then be reimbursed
  • Plans may or may not cover spouse expenses
  • People with a diagnosis of MS may be denied coverage due to the unpredictable nature of MS. In this case, some companies may still sell travel policies with a rider excluding illness due to or related to MS or other pre-existing medical conditions

March of Dimes Canada - TravelAbility

TravelAbility is a travel insurance program specifically designed for people with physical disabilities and their families.

In partnership with Ingle International and Imagine Financial Ltd., March of Dimes provides you with an experienced source of travel insurance to offer people with special needs fast, friendly service and solutions that let them travel with confidence.

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