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Community Legal Clinics

  • Advocacy & Legal

CLC's are independent, non-profit organizations that are governed by locally elected Boards of Directors, and receive funding from Legal Aid Ontario.

CLC's offer legal advice and representation for such problems as housing, social assistance, pensions, workers' compensation, and employment insurance.

Services are geared to meet the priority needs of the community it serves - no two clinics are exactly alike.

Lawyers and legal workers provide information, legal advice, and represent people. In addition, clinics also can engage in test cases, public legal education, community organizing, and other law reform initiatives.

Specialty Clinics:

Specialty clinics deal with either a specific area of law (i.e. workers' compensation, workers' health and safety, etc.) or represent specific individuals (i.e. seniors, persons with a disability, urban aboriginal peoples etc.).

For more information:

Phone: 1-800-668-8258 (Toll-free) or 1-866-641-8867 (TTY)

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Disclaimer: The MS Society is an independent, voluntary health agency and does not approve, endorse or recommend any specific product or therapy but provides information to assist individuals in making their own decisions. For specific information and advice, please consult your personal physician. Read our full privacy policy.

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