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Law Society of Ontario

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The Law Society of Ontario is the self-governing body for lawyers in Ontario. The primary responsibility of the Law Society is to regulate the legal profession in the public interest according to Ontario law and the Law Society's rules, regulations and guidelines.

Public Services:

  • You can contact the Lawyer Society Referral Service when one needs help finding a lawyer or paralegal. You will be given the name and number of a local lawyer who is able to deal with your issue. Calling this lawyer will allow access to 30 minutes of free consultation
  • The Member Directory is particularly useful if you are looking for a specific lawyer.
  • The Specialist Directory lists lawyers who have been certified as an expert in a designated area of law by the Law Society's Specialist Certification program.
  • Discipline decisions record details of recent discipline cases resulting from the complaints process.
  • The Law Society's Client Service Centre can help if a person is looking for information about a member's practicing status or discipline history or if you are looking for the location of a certain lawyer's files - for example if you are trying to locate an original will and the lawyer who prepared it has retired.

For more information:

Phone: 1-800-268-8326 (Lawyer Referral Toll-free), 416-947-3330 (Lawyer Referral Local), 1-800-668-7380 (Law Society of Upper Canada Toll-free)

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