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Northern Ontario Health Grant

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Travel grants are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to help defray the transportation costs for eligible residents of living in the districts of Algoma, Cochrane, Kenora, Manitoulin, Nipissing, Parry Sound, Rainy River, Sudbury, Timiskaming or Thunder Bay who must travel long distances within Ontario or to Manitoba to receive medically needed insured specialty services that are not available locally.

Approved travel grants are paid at 41 cents a kilometre based on return road distance travel between the patient's area of residence and the location of the nearest medical specialist or health facility that can provide the service. There is a deductible of 100 kilometres on your trip. The NHTG Program provides an accommodation allowance of $100 for each eligible treatment trip.Effective December 1, 2012, for medical services rendered on, or after December 1, 2012, the patient must submit an accommodation receipt to prove he/she incurred an accommodation expense. Travel grants help defray the overall cost of your travel, but do not cover all expenses, such as meals.

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