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Additional Recreation and Travel websites:

The following sites are included for information purposes only. The MS Society of Canada does not promote or recommend any businesses for use by our members or clients.

Find a wide range of information on traveling with a disability here

Visit Transport Canada's website here

When We Travel, find wheelchair accessible hotels here  

Scootaround, find scooter and wheelchair travel rentals here 

Government of Canada, find information for Canadians traveling abroad here

Visit the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers website here

Find information on traveling via airplane with a disability here

View a forum for discussion about traveling with a disability here

Disclaimer: The MS Society is an independent, voluntary health agency and does not approve, endorse or recommend any specific product or therapy but provides information to assist individuals in making their own decisions. For specific information and advice, please consult your personal physician. Read our full privacy policy.

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